Landmark Study:

Determinants of Obstacle Racing Success

Sep. 17th - Nov. 24th, 2018



California State University San Marcos has partnered with MROC Training to bring you a first-of-its-kind collegiate study that will examine which factors best predict success in Obstacle Course Racing. The study will be conducted in three phases:

1) Performance Metrics

2) Fitness Benchmark Test

3) Simulated Obstacle Race

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About This Study

Phase 1 will be performed at the CSUSM Human Performance Laboratory, Department of Kinesiology between the dates of Sep 17 and Nov 4, 2018. Performance Metrics evaluated will include body composition, aerobic capacity (VO2Max), flexibility, and ballistic / maximal power output {$250 value}. Participants who enroll in the study will be given a number to call and schedule their labs.

Phase 2 will be performed at MROC Training Headquarters. Benchmark testing will comprise of various fitness activities similar, but not limited to, running, squats, pushups, hanging grip strength, and other weighted movements. All exercises will be conducted under the supervision of staff Spartan SGX Coaches {$75 value}. Available testing days for Phase 2 are Saturday, Nov. 10th or Saturday, Nov. 24th at 12:30pm

Phase 3 will be performed at MROC Training Headquarters. This Simulated Obstacle Course Race will be a short-course format, 3.5 miles or less with 20-30 obstacles similar to those at Spartan Sprint {$25 value}. The next testing day for Phase 3 is Sunday, Oct 14th from 7-10am. If you cannot attend the Phase 3 Time Trial you will be allowed to make this up on Nov. 17th at 9am.

*If you would like to participate in this study but are not able to attend the dates listed above, please email to request an exception.

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Only 50 applicants will be selected to participate, so act fast!

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